1. Preamble:

The terms set forth below (hereinafter called the “Terms of Use”) control the use of the online game (hereinafter called the “Game”), which “ActionAid Hellas” designed, organized (hereinafter called the “Organizer” and provided to its websites. The visitors of this website, who are going to participate in the Game (hereinafter called the “Users”), are obliged to read carefully the present terms and conditions, before any use of it is made. Since they participate in the Game, it is inferred that they have read, understood and approved the present terms and conditions.

2. Object of the Game:

“ActionAid Hellas” is a civic non profit company, with registered office in Athens, 52 Falirou Str., TIN: 090275170 of the 5th Public Fiscal Service of Athens, designed an online game, which will be conducted via its website, http://education.actionaid.gr and aims at the sensitization of the public and mostly of the youth, regarding the living conditions and the problems of the developing world, as well as the ways of dealing with them.

3. Right to Participation in the Game:

Right to Participation in the Game have all those over 18 years old, but also minors, after their parents’ or guardians’ consent, which should be provided in written, according to the defined below in particular. The parents or the legal guardians of the minors are expected to have under their supervision the minors, during the use of the Game by them.

4. Registration, User Account:

In order for someone to participate in the Game, a registration and a user account are required. The registration and the user account are provided for free. For the registration, the User has to provide a username, a user account, an e-mail address, as well as his/her age.

5. How to Participate in the Game:

Everyone wishing to participate in the Game should do Login, providing their name, surname, e-mail and age to the Organizer’s website. The files, which will be kept by the Organizer or a third person, by order and oh his/her behalf, with the above details of the participants in the Game, will constitute a full proof, regarding any participation in the Game and the validity of it. It is noted that multiple participation in the game is permitted.  

6. Copyrights:

The content of the Online Game, including pictures, graphics, photographs, representations, designs, texts, information material, depictions etc., constitutes object of intellectual property of the Organizer and it is protected by the relative formations of the Greek law, the European law and the International Conventions and Treaties. Consequently, none of them can be, totally or partly, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or “uploaded”, transmitted or distributed in any other way. Any kind of exploitation of the content of the Online Game, without the Organizer’s prior written consent, is prohibited.

7. Exclusion of Responsibility for Information/Advice:

The Game presents elements and situations, which are based on reality and that people in the developing world are experiencing, without though constituting a true or complete depiction of it, and their aim is to sensitize the audience, regarding the problems of the developing world and the ways of dealing with them. The information included in the Game cannot, in any case, neither be taken as valid information or/and advice nor they underlie any form of encouragement for the company of for non specific actions.

8. Constraint of Responsibility:

The Organizer neither is responsible nor is obliged to restore any damage that the User may suffer by negligence or technical problems, as well as he/she is not responsible for any “viruses” that may be released and cause problems or any damage of whatever nature.

Furthermore, the Organizer does not guarantee that this one or any other connected site or servers via which these are put at the users’ disposal, do not have any “viruses” or other damaging elements. As mentioned above, the Organizer does not guarantee in any case the legitimacy, the completeness or the availability of the content, pages, services, options or their results.

Finally, the Organizer does not bring any responsibility for the content of any comments, which may made by the Users. Responsible for each comment is only one person, the one appearing as its writer. The Users agree not to add defamatory, insulting or illegal content in their comments. The Organizer has the right to delete any comment that violates the above rules and will not be responsible in case that, for any technical reason, the reception and registration of participation in his/her system or/and the system of third persons that act by order and on his/her behalf. In any case, the responsibility of the Organizer is limited in acts or failure of acts by fraud or heavy negligence and it will not in any case be extended to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure that might be fulfilled by the Organizer.

9. Personal data/Information/Complaints:

The Organizer informs that himself/herself or/and third persons, as processing executors, by order and on his/her behalf, will process data of personal character of the participants in the Game, which they will collect by them.

After the game’s expiration, any data, personal or not, of the participants of the Game, will be being destroyed, except if it is differently permitted or imposed by the current applied legislation.

The Users’ personal data are used for the Game’s conduction, as well as for the Users’ update for the purposes of AAH and will not be communicated to third persons, without the Users’ consent.

For any exercise of the Users’ rights, which mostly derive from the Article 12 and 13 of the Law.2472/1997 (right of access and objection to the processing of data of personal character respectively), as well as for any information or complaints regarding this Game, you may contact at the telephone number 210-9212321, from Monday to Friday and from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

10. Terms Modification:

The Organizer has the right to modify the present terms, informing regarding that via its Website, with effective date of this modification being the date of the related update.

11. Jurisdiction/ Greek law:

The present terms are governed and completed by the Greek law. Any disagreement regarding the Game, which might occur in the future, pertains to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Law Courts of Athens.

12. Acceptance of Terms:

The participation in the Game entails the implicit acceptance of the present Terms of Use of it.